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Dharma Dog provides a full range of services to nurture and enhance your pup’s daily life. We offer a fun, clean, calm and stress-free environment. We’re committed to the health and safety of your dog and pride ourselves on exceptional customer care.

Whether it be dog grooming or any other services, we treat your dog like it’s one of our family. Designed by Certified Canine Behaviour Specialist Nik Fabisiak, Dharma Dog Services provides the very best for your best.

When you visit our Vancouver location, you’ll sense the Dharma Dog difference. Soothing colours, soft, relaxing music, and inviting aromatherapy scents help create a mood of serenity and calm.

Free of stress, you’ll feel confident that your dog is with with trustworthy professionals who truly care about your pet’s well being. While you are at work or busy with day-to-day activities, rest assured that your pup is safe, happy, and being well taken care of with Dharma Dog.

Dharma Dog Services is fully insured with additional coverage from Profur, the premier specialty insurance provider for the Canadian pet care industry.

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“Dharma” is a Sanskrit word that can be thought of as being the universal truth that is common to all life. Dharma is a way of behaving that brings happiness and contentment, free of stress and suffering.

We chose this name for our business because we believe that there is a universal truth about dogs—they understand and speak dog language, not human! That’s why the staff at Dharma Dog is trained to understand the way dogs communicate.

“My goal as a dog behaviour specialist is simple: help humans learn to communicate clearly with their dog. Not the other way around. […] While dogs are able to demonstrate an ability to form word associations, learning English or any other language can’t replace their own forms of communication. A border collie has roughly the same ability to understand human language as your average 3 year old human. But, that’s just it, your average 3 year old has a limited vocabulary! So do dogs. That’s why my approach with dogs is to speak and listen in dog.”

Nik Fabisiak, Dharma Dog founder

Dogs are often misunderstood by humans—we tend to place human emotion and description on our pets. But the fact is, they are not human. While they’re able to coexist with us and make loyal partners and friends, they still have their own set of rules and abilities to communicate. That is the universal truth of the dog world.


The vision behind Dharma Dog Service is simple: we want dogs and dog owners to come join us in our Zen zone. Stress is detrimental for humans and canines alike! That’s why we think your dog should become a Dharma Dog.

We provide a relaxing atmosphere for dogs where they are groomed, pampered and well attended to. Your pet will be the most stress-free version of themselves. That means they’ll be happy!

No matter what service your pooch is enjoying at Dharma Dog, you’ll feel peace of mind, knowing that your pet is being well taken care of. And when your dog is in good hands, you can relax and enjoy knowing that you will have quality time with your special furry friend at the end of the day.


Dharma Dog founder, Nik Fabisiak, with his son reading a book

Dharma Dog’s Nik Fabisiak has worked with thousands of dogs in his career. As a respected trainer and certified dog behaviour specialist, he helps owners understand and learn natural, canine communication.

Using positive reinforcement combined with good-natured fun, Nik and his training staff work with you how to train your dog to respect you and your decisions. Working together to build a solid foundation of implicit trust, you will see quick results as your dog looks to you for direction.

Nik’s energetic, upbeat approach provides motivation and instills confidence. You’ll learn how to communicate clearly with your dog in a positive manner. Instead of getting frustrated or angry, you’ll gain an understanding of how your dog views things going on around him.

As Nik says, “My goal is simple: help humans learn to communicate clearly with their dog. Not the other way around. That’s why my approach with dogs is to speak and listen in dog.”


Dharma Dog Services is amazing, I wouldn’t ever take a dog anywhere else. When I brought a very difficult dog to them for grooming, the staff were so patient and gentle with my dog—regardless of the fact that my dog was scratching them to death! Before Dharma Dog, my dog hated the groomers. After just one groom at Dharma Dog though, my dog wasn’t ever afraid to walk back into the shop!

Melissa M.

I was amazed at the effort made from Dharma Dog services at first. They continued to surprise me with endless tips and alternative methods for training my dog. They have helped the relationship between my dog and me immensely by enabling me to become the best I can be, which is so important to me.

Sabrina M.
Unlike other groomers we’ve been to, Dharma Dog’s staff listen to you and take their time to exceed your expectations. They are so patient and I know they genuinely care about my dog. We get so many compliments from strangers we pass when walking our dog after his regular groom!
Charles C.

I was introduced to Nik when we needed help with our then 4 month old puppy. Immediately I was impressed by Nik’s ability to explain the psychology behind some of the behaviours we were struggling with and to adjust our training approach to bridge the communication gap between ourselves and our dog. Ultimately, we were able to achieve mutual respect, trust, and all our hard work really paid off.

Lynette L.

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